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How to sell VGO & vIRL items?

Our service allows you to sell any skins and items available in WAX ExpressTrade. Please note, that when you create an exchange, you create a sales offer. The sale by itself will take place only after another user of the site will purchase your item.

To create an offer for sale VGO/vIRL skins you need:

1. Login to the site

2. For items you want to sell, specify the value and click on the "Sell" button. You can select up to 200 items at the time

3. At the top of the site you will see a panel with the number of selected items and the total cost of the offer. Click on the "Offer for sale" button

4. Within a few seconds, our bot will create an exchange, and the button will change its name to "Confirm the exchange in WAX". Click on it

5. In the WAX ExpressTrade system, confirm the exchange with our bot and enter the two-factor authentication password

6. A few seconds after the confirmation of the exchange, your items will appear on the market place

* The Commission of our service for the sale of items is 5%

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